Fatwood Fire Starter

our Bulk fatwood fire starter sticks are filled with resin so they burn instantly at high heat, ideal for starting fires either for camping or BBQ’s.

Bulk Fatwood Fire Starter

Campirano’s Fatwood Fire Starter sticks are an all-natural firestarter made from the left-over tree stumps. Each stump is a gold mine of natural resin that hardens over time and becomes a 100% chemical free fire starter. 

Each stump is split into personal sized sticks for a practical and convenient Firestarter. Other chemical firestarters release toxic chemicals into your lungs, putting you at risk of disease. You wouldn’t want to eat food soaked in lighter fluid, would you? 

Whether you’re at a campsite with friends and family, a BBQ or sitting outside enjoying a fire pit, Campirano’s bulk fire starter  sticks are the perfect choice. With no added chemicals and no offensive odors, fatwood is the natural option for your next cookout.