Lump Charcoal

Made 100% from hardwood, our lump charcoal for smoking is hand selected to ensure the best quality. Our bulk lump charcoal burns the competitors away!

Bulk Lump Charcoal

Campirano’s lump charcoal is the product of slowly burning real pieces of wood in an airtight container until all of the moisture dissipates. Chunk charcoal is naturally formed in to a lump and has other qualities that make purists love; it burns hotter, lights faster, and leaves much less ash than briquettes. Hardwood lump charcoal for smoking is also more sensitive to oxygen making the fire easier to control with vents.

Bulk lump charcoal is a popular choice for pit masters and competitors on the competition BBQ circuit, but backyard BBQ enthusiasts are starting to take notice. Natrual chunk charcoal is the best fuel for your grill, and users swear it makes food taste better.