Premium Briquettes

Our bulk charcoal briquettes are made “in house” with the best quality control processes. Our briquettes burn hot and steady so you can focus on enjoying your BBQ!

Bulk Charcoal Briquettes

Campirano’s charcoal briquettes can be thought of as fast food made from charcoal. They are reliable, affordable, and can be found almost everywhere. But you don’t want them to contain any harmful chemicals. Briquettes, unlike pure lump charcoal, are made from wood by-products and compressed with additives to help them lighten and burn evenly. Although they do emit a chemical odor when lit, briquettes should be allowed to burn until the ash is covered before you start cooking to avoid any off-putting odors. 

Charcoal Briquettes may not sound appealing, but they have some great advantages. Bulk charcoal briquettes provide a more consistent burn and maintain a constant temperature for longer periods of time. They also require less handholding than lump charcoal. This is the kind of charcoal that you are most familiar with. Each spring, hardware and grocery stores stock pallets of small, pillow-shaped briquette charcoal pieces.